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Uganda: Further information on incommunicado detention/fear of torture

, Index number: AFR 59/004/2007

The 41 people [Titi Masudi (m), human rights activist; Bikay Kusimuweri (m); Kahindo Balilie (m) (note amended name); Patrick Kabula (m), all four are Congolese refugees/asylum seekers; Ngunda Bawula (m); Fabrice Buregeya (m), aged 13; Emmanuel Tumukende; and 35 others, including seven women] who were detained incommunicado from 13 to 17 August have been released on bail, after appearing before the Magistrates' Court in the capital, Kampala, on 23 August. All the detainees have been charged with "conspiracy to commit a felony" and are scheduled to appear before court on 11 September.

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