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Togo: Time for accountability: More than three decades of human rights abuse

, Index number: AFR 57/022/1999

This document is a compilation of five reports on Togo covering a period of 13 years which emphasise the persistent nature of abuses in Togo and provide evidence of the climate of total impunity which characterizes government practices and has allowed the violations to continue. The reports included are: Togo: Political Imprisonment and torture (AI Index: AFR 57/08/86); Togo: Impunity for human rights violators at a time of reform (AI Index: AFR 57/01/92); Togo: Impunity for killings by the military (AI Index: AFR 57/13/93); Togo: A new era for human rights? (AI Index: AFR 57/02/94); Togo: Rule of terror (AI Index: AFR 57/01/99)

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