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Further information on UA 298/93 (AFR 57/11/93, 31 August) - Togo: death in detention / fear of torture / legal concern: Deaths in detention: at least 21 people including: Kassegne Assogba, Anani Akakpo, Maurice Naoudje, and new name: Kodjo Fiagbe Mensah;

, Index number: AFR 57/014/1993

Four young boys, aged between 12 and 15, were among at least 21 people who died in detention at the gendarmerie in Blitta following their arrest in Agbandi on 26 August 1993. They allegedly died as a result of poisoned food. There is further concern at the detention of Kokou Okessou Mbooura, who was arrested apparently on suspicion of involvement in the deaths of the detainees, even though 15 had already died and several others were seriously ill by the time he arrived in Blitta. He is being held with 19 others in incommunicado detention. Over 40 people were arrested following violent incidents during polling for the presidential election.

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