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UA 115/93 - Togo: legal concern / fear of torture: Latevi Prosper Lawson, Late Jean Lawson, Jules Gagli, Rosali Gagli (respectively the nephew, brother, uncle and aunt of Tevi Jacob Lawson), Koffi Agbali and at least 20 others including: Sossouvi Afatchaw

, Index number: AFR 57/006/1993

Amnesty International is concerned at the continuing detention without charge or trial of the above named detainees, who were arrested in what appears to have been an arbitrary round-up of suspected government opponents, following an attack on President Eyadema's residence at a barracks in the capital, Lome, on 25 March 1993. They were reportedly tortured at the time of their arrest. AI is additionally concerned at reports that two of the above who have been arrested and tortured are suffering from mental illness. Late Jean Lawson, said to be mentally ill, and three other members of his family are said to have been arrested solely because of their relationship to Mr Tevi Jacob Lawson, a customs official declared wanted in connection with the attack.

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