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Further information on UA 468/90 (AFR 55/05/90, 16 November and follow-ups AFR 55/06/90, 23 November, AFR 55/07/90, 11 DEcember, AFR 55/01/91, 18 January, AFR 55/02/91, 20 February and AFR 55/03/91, 15 March_ - Swaziland: legal / health concern: Sabelo Dl

, Index number: AFR 55/004/1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 55/04/91
Distr: UA/SC
28 March 1991
Further information on UA 468/90 (AFR 55/05/90) 16 November 1990, and follow-ups
AFR 55/06/90 (23 November), AFR 55/07/90 (11 December 1990),
AFR 55/01/91 (18 January 1991), AFR 55/02/91 (20 February 1991) and
AFR 55/03/91 (15 March 1991) - Legal/Health Concern
Mphandlana SHONGWE
The five men named above were released from administrative detention on 22
March 1991. At the time of their release all were in hospital in Mbabane except
Mphandlana Shongwe, who had resumed taking food because of ill-health resulting
from his hunger-strike in January and was still in prison. They were taken
from hospital or prison to the palace of King Mswati III, where they were
officially informed of their release. Mphandlana Shongwe was then released
from prison custody but the other four returned to hospital to continue their
treatment. Ray Russon left hospital on 24 March and the others on 25 March.
On 23 March 1991 Mphandlana Shongwe was again arrested, this time by
officers of the Swaziland army, apparently because he was wearing military
uniform without permission. He was held overnight and released on 24 March.
It is not known whether the authorities intend to prosecute him for this alleged
During the detainees' visit to the palace to receive their release orders,
Sabelo Dlamini and Mphandlana Shongwe were told that they were being released
on condition that Sabelo Dlamini did not re-enter the campus of the University
of Swaziland, where he was enrolled as a law student, and Mphandlana Shongwe
did not re-enter William Pitcher teacher training college. There were no
conditions placed upon their three fellow-detainees. However, Ray Russon is
still suspended from his job as a sociology lecturer at the University of
These five men have undertaken several protest hunger-strikes since their
detention in November 1990. Ray Russon in particular is in poor health from
stomach ulcers which have been exacerbated by his hunger-strikes and require
continuing medical treatment. Boy Magagula is also reported to be very weak.
page 2 of FU 468/90
Two Amnesty International delegates visited Swaziland from 23 to 27 March
1991 to discuss Amnesty International's concerns with the Swaziland
authorities. Prior to their visit, Amnesty International members in a number
of countries sought meetings with their local Swaziland representative to raise
Amnesty International's concerns. Reports appeared in the Southern African
press regarding Amnesty International's intended visit to Swaziland. A
Swaziland member of parliament reportedly raised in the parliament on 19 March
the increasing international concern about Swaziland's human rights record
and the impending Amnesty International delegation. In addition, the United
States government issued a statement on 14 March condemning the renewal of
the detention orders and the practice of detention without charge or trial.
No further action is requested. Thank you to all who appealed on behalf
of these prisoners of conscience, who also wish to convey their thanks.

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