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Sudan: Further information on fear of torture or ill-treatment / unlawful detention

, Index number: AFR 54/085/2006

Bakhit Hamed al-Thayer, Ibrahim Hamed al-Thayer, Aqib Hamed al-Thayer, Abdallah Suleiman Hamed al-Thayer, Adam Daf'allah and Idris Hussein above were released by the Janjawid on 17 November and have been able to make their way back to their village. However, two other Zaghawa men from their village, Bashir Digin Abdallah and Bakhit Ibrahim, were abducted the same day (14 November). These men were held with them but have not been released. They are subjected to forced labour and are at serious risk of being tortured or otherwise ill-treated, or unlawfully killed.

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