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Sudan: Fear for safety/ Incommunicado detention

, Index number: AFR 54/064/2006

Fifiteen men (Mansur Mohamed Abulgasim, Badei Ibrahim Ali, Ahmed Ishaq Mohamed Sika, Zakaria Mohamed Adam Mohamed, Ali Mohamed Abdallah, Sissi Atim Mohamed Salama, Abdelmajid Ali Abdelmajid, Mubarak Ibrahim Yahya, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, Hamdi Ishaq Mohamed Tuka, Omer Abdelmajid, Abaker Mohamed Yusif, Abaker Da'ud Mohamed Bahr el Din, Mohamed Ahmed Abu Zeid and Mohamed Adam), all from Darfur, were arrested in September by the security forces in the Sudanese capital Khartoum, where they live. They are held incommunicado without charge and Amnesty International fears for their safety.

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