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Sudan campaign 25 January 1995 to end July 1995: "The tears of orphans": no future without human rights: cases for appeals

, Index number: AFR 54/044/1994

This report contains 15 cases which illustrate the wide range of AI's concerns in Sudan. The abuses described have been committed both by government forces and by the two factions of the SPLA. The cases are: unfair trial and torture of former government minister Abdelrahman Abdallah Nugdallah; torture of Dr Gaafar Yassin Ahmad Abdullah; repeated detention of Sara Abdallah Abdelrahman Nugdallah; "disappearance" of Karshum Mango Atia; death from torture of Nadir Abdel Hamid Khairy; cruel punishments in law, especially for women; "disappearance" of Alfred Yoron Modi; killing of Martin Majier Gai by SPLA-Mainstream; Nuer women arbitrarily killed by SPLA-Mainstream; Dinka civilians killed by SPLA-United; 28 army officers summarily executed; harassment of relatives of executed officers; abduction of two girls Apiu Majok, 12, and her sister Acuir, 9; detention and ill-treatment of "Joseph", aged 11; and the killing of Dinka fishermen by goverment troops.

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