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UA 293/92 - Sudan: fear of extrajudicial executions / torture: David Tombe, Joseph Ladu, David Kenyi, Arkangelo Yugu, Pitia Kenyi, Mark Taban, Simon Jada, James Duling, Sarafino Pitya, Kennedy Khamis, Taban Elisa, Mustafa Abdel Gadir, Juma Mohamed and ove

, Index number: AFR 54/028/1992

Reports have reached AI of hundreds of detentions, killings and other violations in the southern Sudanese city of Juba, which is besieged by the Sudan People's Liberation Army. The above-named are among hundreds of prisoners reportedly arrested between June and August 1992, apparently suspected of collaborating with the SPLA. AI fears that many of them may be at risk of torture or execution; David Tombe, a Catholic priest is reported to be held at present in Khartoum, the others are believed to remain imprisoned in Juba. Extrajudicial executions of captured southern Sudanese soldiers and unarmed civilians have also been reported.

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