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Sudan: Executions / fear of execution / fear of torture / fear of unfair trial

, Index number: AFR 54/021/1996

Gamal Yusuf, colonel, Abdallah al-Tayeb, lieutenant colonel, Bushra Hamid Burma, major, Camillio Luthali, major, Tariq Abu Abdu, lieutenant colonel, Salah Ahmad al-Jaber, major, Kamal al-Tigani, major, Naser Kamal, lieutenant, Faud Salih, general (retired), Hassan al-Khatib, colonel (retired), Osman Atiat Allah, lieutenant colonel (retired), 'Abd al-Marouf Hussein, colonel (retired), Jaknoon, naval officer (retired), al-Dardiri Haj Ahmad, major - alleged executed, Salah Karboni, major, - alleged executed, Ali Abbas Ali, lieutenant colonel -alleged executed, Mohamed Mahmud, lieutenant colonel - alleged executed, Taj al-Sir Sarbil, major - alleged executed and 47 others: The military officers named above were among 65 civilians, officers and other ranks arrested in Port Sudan on 15 August 1996. They were accused of "plotting subversive activity" and seeking to attack installations in Port Sudan. They were reportedly taken before a military tribunal and unfairly tried. Reports that 11 officers were executed by firing squad on 18 August have heightened AI's concern that all those arrested are under threat of execution.

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