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UA 159/93 - Sudan: fear of torture / legal concern: Major-General al-Fatih Mohamed Abdel A'al, Colonel Mustafa Ahmad al-Tai, Colonel Mohamed Hassan Osman al-Zubeir, Lieutenant al-Tayib Nuor al-Daim Mohamed, Haidar al- Tigani, Gaafar Yassin Ahmad, Osman Mo

, Index number: AFR 54/019/1993

There is concern for the safety of the 15 men named above, most of whom are believed to be held in a secret detention centre, known as a "ghost house", in Khartoum. The men, who appear to be linked to a wide variety of political parties, were arrested in late April and early May 1993, apparently in connection with an alleged coup attempt. Torture, especially in secret detention, appears to be systematic in Sudan, with no safeguards to protect detainees. Amnesty International has recently confirmed the death under torture of a former army officer from southern Sudan, Camillo Odongi Loyuk, arrested in Khartoum following a rebel assault on the city of Juba in mid-1992.

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