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Sudan: Further information on: fear of ill-treatment / possible prisoners of conscience / health concern

, Index number: AFR 54/015/1996

Galal Hamid, former Director of the Gezira (agriculture) Scheme, Taj al-Sir Ahmad Abdallahi, President of Ahli Football Club, al-Kehir Ali Arbab, doctor, Abdeen Miheisi, architect and engineer, Osman Abdelgader, trade unionist, Mohamed Abdelghafar, businessman, Mubarak Mohamed al-Hassan and 22 other men. New name: Adam Abdel Kabir, engineer: Al-Kheir Ali Arbab, Abdeen Miheisi and Adam Abdel Kabir are reported to have been transferred from the security headquarters in Wad Medani to an unknown place of detention in Khartoum. AI is concerned that the transfer of these detainees could expose them to renewed risk of ill-treatment and that the presumed continued incommunicado detention of the other prisoners means that they too remain vulnerable. AI regards all of them as possible prisoners of conscience.

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