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UA 141/93 - Sudan: fear of torture / extrajudicial execution: Major-General al-Fatih Mohamed Abdel A'al, Colonel Mustafa Ahmad al-Tai, Colonel Mohamed Hassan Osman al-Zubeir, Lieutenant al-Tayib Nuor al-Daim Mohamed, Haidar al-Tigani, Gaafar Yassin Ahmad,

, Index number: AFR 54/014/1993

Amnesty International is concerned that the men named above, who were arrested between 21 and 24 April 1993 in Khartoum, are at risk of severe torture. They are reportedly being held incommunicado on suspicion of involvement in an alleged coup attempt. When some of the men were shown on Sudanese television on 26 April, they were shackled and allegedly bruised. There have been reports of other arrests but the numbers of detainees and their identities are unknown.

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