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Further information on UA 100/94 (AFR 54/06/94, 11 March and follow-up AFR 54/08/94, 17 March) - Sudan: fear of torture / prisoners of conscience: 'Izzat Mirghani Taha, Khalifa Khader Kemair, Kamal Abu al-Gassim, Hamuda al-Sheikh

, Index number: AFR 54/009/1994

'Izzat Mirghani Taha, Khalifa Khader Kemair and Kamal Abu al-Gassim are reported still to bee in detention. They are apparently being held in small unventilated cells and being ill-treated. Their place of detention is still unknown. Hamuda al-Sheikh was released on 17 March. As with those released on 16 March he was made to sign an undertaking prohibiting him from taking part in gatherings and opposing the government in the future and barring him from leaving Khartoum without permission.

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