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UA 95/94 - Sudan: fear of torture / legal concern: Abdel-Mahmud Abbo, Abdel-Rahman al-Sadiq al-Mahdi, Abdel-Rahman Farah, Dr Ibrahim el-Amin, Abdel-Mahmud Haj Salih, Sarah Nugdallah

, Index number: AFR 54/005/1994

Abdel-Mahmud Abbo, a leading member of the Ansar religious order, was arrested on 27 February, following a speech he gave at Wad Nubawi mosque in Omdurman to celebrate the 17th day of Ramadan. His whereabouts remain unknown, and there is grave concern that he may be at risk of torture. The next morning, four Umma party members who attended the speech were arrested and detained for several hours. Sarah Nugdallah, also a senior member of the Umma party, was arrested on 7 March and briefly detained. All five, who are prisoners of conscience, have been ordered to report early each morning to the security headquarters in Khartoum, where they are held until late at night.

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