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Medical letter writing action: South Africa: Extrajudicial execution of nurse/community leader Jeanette Mahongo

, Index number: AFR 53/016/1993

Jeanette Mahongo died on 21 October 1992 after her home in Seymour, Ciskei, was attacked with petrol bombs. The authorities have so far failed to investigate the attack in a serious manner, and it appears that the Ciskei police were directly involved in her murder. Sister Mahongo, a nursing sister, community leader and chairperson on the local town council, had been under pressure from the authorities to stop attempting to attract development funds to the area. The attack was carried out by two men, alleged to be police. Neighbours who attempted to put out the blaze came under fire from the direction of the nearby police station. Since the attack other community activists have been subject to arrest and harassment.

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