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Further information on UA 59/94 (AFR 53/12/94, 17 February; and follow-up AFR 53/13/94, 18 February) - South Africa (Bophuthatswana): legal concern / fear of torture / prisoners of conscience: Nathaniel Ngakantsi Mr Modise, Pinky Mokoto, Paba Ngoganediwe

, Index number: AFR 53/014/1994

Nathaniel Ngakantsi was released on 18 February 1994 on Rand 100 bail. He was charged with attending and "illegal gathering". Pinky Mohoto and Paba Ngoganediwe were released uncharged on 18 February; Mr Modise was apparently released on, or shortly after, 18 February. A fifth man also arrested during the demonstration on 18 February was detained overnight and released uncharged.

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