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UA 356/90 - Somalia: Extrajudicial executions: Aden Mohamed Abokor, Abdullahi Abdi Ali, Aden Elmi Ali, Ahmed Ismail Ali, Abdi Mohamed Elmi, Ali Mohamed Isse, Ahmed Isse, Ahmed Mohamed Karshe, Abdi Mohamed Robleh, Abdullahi Ismail Yusuf, Ali Mohamed Ahmed,

, Index number: AFR 52/035/1990

EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 52/35/90
Distr: UA/SC
UA 356/90 Extrajudicial Executions 11 September 1990
SOMALIA: Aden Mohamed Abokor Ali Mohamed Ahmed
Abdullahi Abdi Ali Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali
Aden Elmi Ali Aden Warsame Ali, former police officer
Ahmed Ismail Ali Abdi Hagar Dahir
Abdi Mohamed Elmi Hussein Elmi Farah
Ali Mohamed Isse Moogeh Osman Jibril
Ahmed Abdi Karshe Mohamed Abdi Mohamoud
Abdi Mohamed Robleh Mohamed Ahmed Salah
Abdullahi Ismail Yusuf
The 17 above-named people are reported to have been arrested by military
police on 16 August 1990 in Berbera, the main port in the north, and
extrajudicially executed soon afterwards, in public, outside a restaurant
on a main street of the town, at about 10pm that night.
At least three local employees of international humanitarian aid
organizations working in the north were involved. The executions are said
to have been carried out in reprisal for activities of the opposition Somali
National Movement (SNM). SNM fighters are said to have captured a government
boat and also destroyed a fuel truck. The 17 were members of the Issaq clan,
from which the SNM draws most of its support and which is the dominant clan
in the town. The victims were all civilians, apparently arrested arbitrarily.
Similar atrocities against innocent civilians have been carried out on several
previous occasions in different parts of the country in recent years by the
military police, known as "Hangash" or "red berets", and by army personnel.
Several hundreds of people were arrested and executed extrajudicially in
Berbera in June 1988 after a major SNM attack on Hargeisa and other northern
towns, and 46 Issaq clan members were rounded up in Mogadishu, the capital,
on 16 July 1989 and extrajudicially executed on a beach at Jezira, 50
kilometres away. In each case the executions took place without any form
of trial. An inquiry was set up into the Jezira massacre but its findings
have never been released and no action has been taken. No case is known to
Amnesty International of any member of the security forces being punished
or prosecuted for crimes of this kind, which have evidently been carried
out with the knowledge of high military authorities and condoned by the
RECOMMENDED ACTION: Telexes/telegrams/express and airmail letters:
- expressing concern at reports of the public extrajudicial execution by
military police personnel of 17 people in Berbera on 16 August (citing some
of the names above);
- calling for an independent inquiry to be established to investigate the
incident, report its findings publicly, and make recommendations on actions
to be taken against those responsible;
- urging the authorities to condemn the killings and publicly state that
crimes such as the arbitrary extrajudicial executions of civilians and
prisoners by the army will be severely punished in all cases.
His Excellency Dr Mohamed Omar Farah
President Mohamed Siad Barre Attorney General
President of the Somali Democratic Attorney General's Chambers
Republic PO Box 1745
Villa Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia
Mogadishu, Somalia
Telegrams: Attorney General
Telegrams: President Siad Barre, Farah, Mogadishu, Somalia
Mogadishu, Somalia
Telexes: 639 MOG (via Ministry of
Foreign Affairs)
Brigadier General Maslah Mohamed Siad
Commander of the Somali Armed Forces, Telegrams: Armed Forces
Somali Army Headquarters Commander Siad, Army HQ,
Mogadishu, Somalia Mogadishu, Somalia
First Vice President Mohamed Ali Mr Mohamed Hawadle Madar
Samater, Prime Minister
The Presidency Office of the Prime Minister
Mogadishu, Somalia The Presidency
Mogadishu, Somalia
Mr Ahmed Mohamed Aden Dr Hussein Sheikh Abdurahman
Minister of Foreign Affairs Hussein Matan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Minister of Defence
Mogadishu, Somalia Ministry of Defence
Mogadishu, Somalia
Ahmed Jama Abdulle
Chairman Commission for Investigating Human Rights Complaints
The Presidency
Mogadishu, Somalia
and to diplomatic representatives of Somalia in your country.
PLEASE SEND APPEALS IMMEDIATELY. Check with the International Secretariat,
or your section office, if sending appeals after
15 October 1990.

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