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Further information on UA 205/93 (AFR 51/05/93, 22 June) - Sierra Leone: legal concern / health concern: 264 political detainees at the Central Prison, Pademba Road, Freetown, including: Bockarie Babay, Alhaji Kallon, Finda Mbriwa, Sahid Mohamed Sesay

, Index number: AFR 51/007/1993

Eighty-six political detainees held without charge or trial were released from the Pademba Road Prison on 9 July 1993 after a review of their cases by both police and military authorities. They included Ernest Allen, Adeline Koroma, Roy Stevens and Harry T T Williams . The identities of the other released detainees is not yet known. In a statement issued on 10 July Lieutenant Karefa Kargbo, Acting Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs stated that the remaining 156 detainees are alleged to have been involved with rebel forces, although none of those held appeared to have been captured during fighting, He also claimed that only 1 detainee had died in Pademba Road Prison since 1992. Although the numbers have decreased, poor conditions there are still believed to have led to deaths.

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