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UA 73/94 - Senegal: death in custody / fear of torture: Lamin Samb, and more than 40 others arrested following a demonstration on 16 February 1994

, Index number: AFR 49/001/1994

There is concern that Lamin Samb, an Arabic teacher and reportedly a member of Islamic group, Men and Women who Fight for the Truth, may have died in custody as a result of torture. He was arrested on 17 February and taken to the Police headquarters (DIC) in Dakar. Although in good health when arrested, he was taken to hospital, seriously ill and in a coma, by DIC staff on 19 February, where he died shortly afterwards. An autopsy has reportedly been carried out, but the findings have not been made public. His death has heightened the concern for the safety of more than 40 others arrested following a violent demonstration on 16 February.

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