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Further information on UA 110/92 (AFR 47/10/92, 2 April and follow-up AFR 47/11/92, 14 April) - Rwanda: legal concern and (new concerns) harassment / fear for safety: Fidele Kanyabugoyi

, Index number: AFR 47/017/1992

AI has learned that the Rwandese authorities are apparently continuing to harass Fidele Kanyabugoyi, Director at the Ministry of Public Works and member of the KANYARWANDA human rights group. On 25 August 1992 he was summoned by the General Procuracy for the Cassation Court and interrogated about his inquiries into mass killings of the Bagogwe ethnic group in 1991; he was released conditionally after this arrest. On the evening of 29 August 1992 his house was attacked by nine men, one wearing combat military uniform. His wife was hit repeatedly with a machete before the men departed, taking a watch and a gold chain. Sources in Rwanda allege that the motive for the attack was not robbery and that the men intended either to kill or intimidate Fidele Kanyabugoyi, had he been at home.

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