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Further information on UA 228/92 (AFR 47/15/92, 7 July) - Rwanda: torture / legal concern: Shabani Gasigwa, Ali Hitimana, Kayiranga, Hadj Haruna Maboyi, Louis Nkusi, Evariste Sissi, Bosco Uwizeyimana, Vianney, son of Mbundi

, Index number: AFR 47/016/1992


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 47/16/92
Distr: UA/SC
21 July 1992
Further information on UA 228/92 (AFR 47/15/92, 7 July 1992)
- Torture/legal concern
RWANDA: Shabani Gasigwa, 53 years old, driver
Ali Hitimana, 22 years old
Kayiranga, 26 years old, trader
Hadj Haruna Maboyi
Louis Nkusi, 30 years old
Evariste Sissi, 49 years old, businessman
Bosco Uwizeyimana, 27 years old
Vianney, son of Mbundi, 33 years old
Amnesty International has learned that the eight people named above were
released on 17 July 1992. All judicial proceedings against them are reported
to have been withdrawn. Their release took place at the same time as that of
23 other detainees whom the Rwandese government says are members of the Front
Patriotique Rwandais (FPR), Rwandese Patriotic Front, captured in action by
Rwandese government troops after the FPR attacked Rwanda in October 1990.
The eight people were arrested in June 1992 on suspicion, apparently without
evidence, of recruiting or accepting to be recruited into the ranks of the
FPR. Virtually all of them were reportedly subjected to torture or severe
ill-treatment at an interrogation centre supervised by the National Gendarmerie
in the centre of the capital, Kigali, known as the "Fichier central" (Central
Registry), also known as the "service de criminologie", (Criminology Service),
before being transferred to Kigali central prison.
Amnesty International was concerned that the eight people were arrested solely
because they were members of the Tutsi ethnic group suspected, without evidence,
of supporting the FPR. The organization was also concerned that members of
the security forces would again interrogate some or all of the eight people
and subject them to torture and other forms of cruel, inhuman or degrading
Thank you to all those who sent appeals on their behalf. No further action
is required.

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