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Rwanda: Crying out for justice

, Index number: AFR 47/005/1995

One year after the massacres in Rwanda, which killed an estimated one million people, victims and their families are still waiting for those responsible to be brought to account. Assistance from the international community is needed to bring to justice the perpetrators of mass murder, mutilation, torture and rape, as the judicial system in Rwanda has collapsed. Under the current government, thousands have been imprisoned without charge or trial. Some of them are not the real culprits but are being held reportedly on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations or, as in the case of a 12 year old boy, in place of relatives. In this report, AI first outlines its current human rights concerns in Rwanda and then discusses the role of the international community, particularly the UN and OAU, in the investigation of human rights abuses and the protection of human rights in Rwanda. The report concludes with AI's recommendations to the government of Rwanda and to intergovernmental organizations and other governments.

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