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UA 41/93 - Rwanda: extrajudicial execution / fear of extrajudicial execution / fear of torture / incommunicado detention: civilian members of the Tutsi ethnic group and others from the south of Rwanda, including: Kituku Hayidarusi, "Evariste"

, Index number: AFR 47/003/1993

Members of government security forces have reportedly been detaining Tutsi in Kigali in the past week; some of the detained are reported to be Hutu from the south of Rwanda suspected of opposition to the President. They have been held in military custody and reportedly subjected to severe beatings; several are known to have died as a result. At least 19 detainees are reported to have been killed in custody during the past week. The corpses are reported to show evidence of severe beating and, in some cases, gunshot wounds. Two of the corpses have been identified as Evariste, a local photographer and Kituku Hayidarusi, a Ugandan national resident in Kigali.

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