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Further information on UA 434/91 (AFR 44/16/91, 11 December) - Nigeria: prisoners of conscience / legal concern: Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu, Chief Bola Ige, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande, Alhaji Lawal Keita, Chief Francis Arthur Nzeribe, Chief C.C. Onoh, Alhaji

, Index number: AFR 44/017/1991


EXTERNAL (for general distribution) AI Index: AFR 44/17/91
Distr: UA/SC
24 December 1991
Further information on UA 434/91 (AFR 44/16/91, 11 December 1991) - Prisoners
of conscience/legal concern
Alhaji Lamidi Adedibu former leading member of National Party of
Nigeria, the ruling party from 1979 to 1983,
in Oyo State
Chief Bola Ige, former Governor of Oyo State
Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande former Governor of Lagos State
Alhaji Lawal Keita former Governor of Kaduna State
Chief Francis Arthur Nzeribe former Senator, previously detained without
charge or trial from March to April 1991
Chief C.C. Onoh former Governor of Anambra State
Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Rimi former Governor of Kano State
Dr Olusola Sariki former leader of the National Party of
Nigeria in the Senate
Dr Paul Unongo psycho-pathologist, former Minister of
Steel, previously detained incommunicado and
without charge or trial April to June 1990
Maj-Gen (Retd) Shehu Musa
Yar'Adua former Chief of Staff, Supreme Headquarters,
and senior member of the military government
of General Olusegun Obasanjo (1976-79)
Alhaji Bello Maitama Yusuf former Minister of Commerce
On the 20 December 1991 the Nigerian authorities announced the release of Alhaji
Lamidi Adedibu,Chief Bola Ige,Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande,Alhaji Lawal Keita,
Chief Francis Arthur Nzeribe,Chief C.C. Onoh, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar Rimi,
Dr Olusola Sariki,Dr Paul Unongo, Maj-Gen (Retd) Shehu Musa Yar'Adua, Alhaji
Bello Maitama Yusuf. The men, considered by Amnesty International to be
prisoners of conscience, had been held since 2 December 1991 and were charged
under the Participation in Politics and Elections (prohibition) Decree, No.25
of 1987, which prohibits former government officials from involvement in
politics during the transition to civilian rule even if they have not been
convicted of committing any offences while previously in office. Shortly
before the releases, the military government announced its decision to lift
the ban on former politicians' involvement in political activities.
No further action is required. Thank you to all those who sent appeals on their

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