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UA 268/93 - Nigeria: extrajudicial executions: At least 35 members of the Ogoni ethnic group from the town of Kaa in Rivers State, including Mr Nwiku and three young children

, Index number: AFR 44/011/1993

At least 35 people in Kaa town have been extrajudicially executed on 4 August 1993 by armed men, some of whom are believed to have been in navy and police uniforms. The victims are believed to include at least three young children and the husband of Maria Nwiku, who was herself injured in the attack. Local government officials maintain that the attack was part of an ethnic clash between the Ogoni people and the neighbouring Adoni people. However, the removal of all Ogoni policemen from the region three weeks prior to the attack and the military's failure to restore order strongly suggest the support of the military. The Ogoni people have been campaigning against the destruction and damage caused to their land by oil companies extracting petrochemicals.

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