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UA 176/94 - Nigeria: fear of extrajudicial execution / death penalty: Members of the Ogoni ethnic group

, Index number: AFR 44/002/1994

There are fears for the safety of members of the Ogoni ethnic group after recent killings in which the Nigerian security forces have been implicated. On 3 April about 20 people are reported to have been killed in clashes between members of the Ogoni and Ndoki ethnic groups. According the the Ogoni, the security forces encouraged the attack and in turn burned down several villages. Several Ogoni villagers were arrested and reportedly remain in detention without charge or trial. Independent independent observers have been detained or denied entry by the authorities. Furthermore a special court, the Civil Disturbances Tribunal, set up in April 1994 has been given broad powers to impose the death penalty, and there are fears that these may be used against Ogoni detainees.

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