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Mauritania: Further information on fear of ill-treatment / possible prisoners of conscience

, Index number: AFR 38/002/1997

Messoud Ould Boulkheir, Mohammed H Ould Ismael, Abdallahi Ould Iyahi, Hamoud Ould Abdi, El Kory Ould Hmeity (all released); and new names: Abderrahmen Ould El-Ghadi, university professor, Ahmed Ould Tolba, secondary school teacher, Mohammed Salim Ould Dah, newspaper director, Mohammed Ould Hafed Ismael, professor, member of political opposition party and six other members of political opposition: The first five people named above were released on 29 January. Ten other people, also arrested on 22 January, remain in incommunicado detention and there are fears that they may be ill-treated. They have been accused of having unauthorized political links with the government of Libya. Amnesty International is concerned that they may be held solely because of their advocacy for an end to the institution and practices of slavery in Mauritania.

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