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UA 340/92 - Malawi: legal concern / fear of torture / possible extrajudicial execution: Ulaya (first name unknown) and ten other supporters of the Alliance for Democracy (AFORD)

, Index number: AFR 36/042/1992

Arrests and short-term imprisonment of supporters of the movement for a multi-party system have been reported since the government announced on 18 October 1992 its intention to hold a referendum on Malawi's one-party system. Ten people are reported to have been arrested on 2 November, outside the court in Lilongwe where the case of Chakufwa Chihana was being heard. Three others outside the court were allegedly beaten by police and the paramilitary Young Pioneers; one of them later died in hospital. Other members of AFORD were reportedly arrested on 27 October; most are believed to have been released. However, Mr Ulaya, an AFORD member arrested on 29 October while selling membership cards, apparently remains detained.

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