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Malawi: Amnesty International's recommendations for permanent protection of basic human rights following the pro-democracy vote

, Index number: AFR 36/031/1993

In the light of the pro-democracy vote in June 1993 and the drafting of a new or amended constitution, this report contains an outline of Amnesty International's current concerns, and recommendations for the protection of human rights. These include the right to freedom of expression and association, the right to a fair trial, safeguards for detainees, the prohibition of torture and ill-treatment, the abolition of the death penalty, the binding of the police and custodial services to international standards, the prevention of extrajudicial executions, the entrenchment of human rights in the constitution, guarantees of restitution for infringement of such rights, the establishment of an ombudsman's office, and the ratification of international and regional human rights treaties.

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