Malawi: Preserving the one-party state: human rights violations and the referendum

Index Number: AFR 36/022/1993

AI is concerned about human rights violations in Malawi in the run up to the referendum on multi-party democracy scheduled for 14 June 1993. People campaigning for a multi-party system have been subject to threats, violent attacks and arrest. One of the most prominent opposition figures, trade union official Chakufwa Chihana, is still in prison. Although most long- term prisoners of conscience, including Vera Chirwa, have now been released, AI knows of three political prisoners in prison since the mid- 1960s. AI is also concerned about Gwanda Chakuamba Phiri, a former government minister sentenced to 22 years in prison for sedition in 1981. Other concerns of AI are alleged torture and ill-treatment, harsh prison conditions, unfair trials and the death penalty.

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