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Further information on UA 114/92 (AFR 36/09/92, 6 April 1992 and follow-ups AFR 36/10/92, 14 April, AFR 36/13/92, 30 April, AFR 36/17/92, 8 May, AFR 36/19/92, 12 May, AFR 36/23/92, 5 June, AFR 36/32/92, 13 July, AFR 36/34/92, 15 July, AFR 36/39/92, 15 Sep

, Index number: AFR 36/019/1993

Judgement has been postponed on Chakufwa Chihana's appeal against his prison sentence for "sedition", probably until the end of March 1993 at least. The appeal hearing took place on 8 March 1993. At least five people were injured when the police used tear gas and fired on demonstrators outside the court. Members of the Malawi Young Pioneers reportedly attacked a librarian and students reading in Blantyre Polytechnic's library the day after the appeal hearing, claiming that they had participated in the previous day's demonstration. AI considers Chakufwa Chihana to be a prisoner of conscience.

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