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UA 11/93 - Malawi: fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Chakakala Chaziya, Khoswe, Johnson and a driver

, Index number: AFR 36/006/1993

Chakakala Chaziya, a former Minister of Finance and bank governor and now vice-chairman of the opposition United Democratic Front party, was arrested in Lilongwe on 5 Janyary 1993, the day after he was accused of being involved with a news magazine published by exiled government opponents. The magazine did not advocate violence and appears to have no connection with the UDF or with Chakakala Chaziya. The three others named above, whose full names are not known to AI, were arrested two or three days before Chakakala Chaziya. They were apparently accused of having copies of the same magazine. All are held without charge in Maula prison.

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