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Kenya: Harassment / fear for safety

, Index number: AFR 32/007/1997

Wafule Buke, Thiong'o Kagicha and other members of the Kenya Human Rights Commission (KHRC): There is concern at the harassment of members of the KHRC, a local non-governmental human rights organization. On 25 January 1997 the KHRC were hindered in their attempts to hold a meeting to launch their campaign against police killings. The venue for the launch had to be changed after police cordoned off the original venue; Wafule Buke was arrested while distributing leaflets and Thiong'o Kagicha was beaten by a senior police officer whilst protesting against Wafule Buke's arrest. Amnesty International is concerned that for the duration of the KHRC campaign its members will continue to be targeted by police.

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