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Further information on medical letter writing action (see AFR 32/02/94, 4 February) - Kenya: Koigi wa Wamwere, Charles Kuria Wamwere, James Maigwa, Godfrey Ngengi Njuguna

, Index number: AFR 32/004/1994

Godfrey Ngengi Njuguna, a diabetic and hypertensive, who is reported to have suffered a mild stroke in early 1993, and to have developed kidney problems, is currently in Nakuru hospital under constant guard, after a court ordered his return to hospital. He is, however, said to be without adequate specialist attention, and there is also concern that he is permanently chained to his bed. Of the other three prisoners, James Maigwa and Charles Kuria Wamwere are still in Nakuru prison, but Koigi wa Wamwere was recently transferred to Kamiti Prison near Nairobi.

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