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Further information on UA 77/92 (AFR 31/02/92, 5 March and follow-ups AFR 31/05/92, 24 April and AFR 31/06/92, 11 May) - Cote d'Ivoire: legal concern: Adou Jean-Francois, Aka Kouassi, Akassi Thomas, Kalifa Toure, Ouattara Lancina, Teha Emmanuel, Charles A

, Index number: AFR 31/011/1992

The above-named were among at least 77 prisoners of conscience released on 31 July 1992, two days after an amnesty law was unanimously passed by the National Assembly. They had been serving sentences ranging from one to three years for "sharing responsibility" for criminal damage caused during demonstrations in the capital, Abidjan, in February 1992.

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