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Guinea-Bissau: Provisional release of 10 people accused of involvement in the "17 of March case"

, Index number: AFR 30/007/1993

Ten people, including Joao da Costa, president of the opposition Democratic Renewal Party (PRD), and Tagme Na Waie, a member of the Guinea-Bissau Resistance-Bafata Movement (RGB-MB), who were arbitrarily arrested on 14 April 1993, were provisionally released from prison on 14 June 1993. However they were ordered to remain in Bissau city, and are forbidden to engage in public political activities. They were among scores of people who had been arbitrarily arrested and accused of complicity in a coup attempt in March 1993 in which a senior military officer was killed. They had been denied their rights to due process of law. Thirty-nine people remain in detention without charge or trial.

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