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Guinea-Bissau / Spain: Fear of refoulement / ill-treatment / fear for safety: Albert Mukesha Batwaro and 49 other men

, Index number: AFR 30/003/1996

The above, a 20-year-old Rwandese man, is one of a group of about 103 people who were illegally removed from Spain in mid-June. He and 49 other men, 14 from Cameroon, six from Guinea-Conakry, five from Liberia, 21 from Nigeria and one each from the Central African Republic, Mali and Togo, were taken to Guinea-Bissau. They are being held in the Second Squadron prison in Bissau, where some have been subjected to severe beatings. AI fears that they may be forcibly repatriated to their own countries without any opportunity to seek asylum and to have these claims fairly reviewed. Albert Mukesha Batwaro had sought asylum in Spain and was awaiting a decision when he was expelled.

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