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Further information on UA 357/94 (AFR 25/23/94, 27 September; and follow-up AFR 25/25/94, 17 October) - Ethiopia: "disappearance" / fear of ill-treatment: Asfaw Gemechu, Baricha Kumsa, Bekelle Wolde-Michael, Beressa Begna, Diyama Kefeni, Fufa Sori, Gerema

, Index number: AFR 25/030/1994

Asfaw Gemechu "reappeared" in late October 1994 when he was released without charge. Amnesty International is investigating reports that he was tortured after he "disappeared" into secret detention. About six of the remaining 40 people detained in early September are also believed to have been released, although their identities are not known. Several others have been transferred to prison in the town of Weliso. Most of the detainees are reported to have been tortured or ill-treated. None has been taken to court or charged with any offence.

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