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Further information on UA 35/94 (AFR 25/05/94, 2 February; and follow-ups AFR 25/09/94, 25 February; AFR 25/10/94, 14 April and AFR 25/13/94, 18 May) - Ethiopia: legal concern / fear of ill-treatment: arrests of journalists: Tefera Asmare, Meleskachew Amh

, Index number: AFR 25/017/1994

Daniel Kifle, arrested on 15 January 1994, was sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment under the Press Law; Mulugetta Lule was sentenced on 1 June to a suspended one-year prison term and fined; Tefera Asmare, currently serving a two-year sentence, was given an 18-month suspended sentence on 29 June. Mesfin Shifferaw has "reappeared"; Nayk Kassaye remains "disappeared". Meleskachew Amha and Berehane Mewa are still detained without charge and with bail refused. Wolde-Ghiorgis Wolde-Michael is reportedly held without charge and incommunicado in Shashamane and there is concern he may have been physically ill-treated. Melaku Tadesse, Habtamu Belete and Girma Endrias were sentenced to six-months imprisonment for contempt of court around 7 July. They had been arrested in mid-June with Tesfaye Tadesse, who remains detained. They are all prisoners of conscience.

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