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Further information on UA 75/94 (AFR 25/08/94, 24 February) - Ethiopia: extrajudicial execution / fear for safety / torture and ill-treatment: Killed: Mohamed Omer Tubeh, Abdullahi Ganey, Deeg Mohamud Arab; detained: Hajio Dama, Korad Ahmed Salal, Goyare

, Index number: AFR 25/015/1994

Further information received indicates that Korad Ahmed Salal has died in custody; Hajio Dama has been released but is mentally ill on account of torture or ill-treatment; Dulane Hassan Gabane has reportedly "disappeared" in detention. On 22 February in Wardheer town, government soldiers attempting to arrest the ONLF general secretary, Sheikh Ibrahim Mohamed Abdallah, fired on a crowd of demonstrators. They shot dead some 50 people and injured over 20 others, several of whom died later. Among those listed as dead were Ahmed Ibrahim Nur, Abshir Ali Dhuh, Hakin Hersi Abdulleh, and a regional policeman. Further mass arrests of ONLF members and supporters followed, including Ahmed Abdullahi Agooleh, project manager of the Ministry of Agriculture's South East Rangeland Project (SERP).

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