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UA 194/94 - Ethiopia: legal concern / fear of torture: Hassan Jirreh Kalinle, Ahmed Ali Dahir, Shukri Yasin, Abdillahi Kalaas, Hassan Mohamed Farah, eight other members of the Region Five (the Ogaden) Regional Assembly, and hundreds of other ONLF members

, Index number: AFR 25/014/1994

The former President, Hassan Jirreh Kalinle, the former Vice-president, Ahmed Ali Dahir, and eight other ONLF representatives in the Regional Assembly in Region Five, were arrested by government troops on 13 May 1994 in Godey. Their current whereabouts are unknown. Hundreds of other ONLF supporters are also reported to have been arrested, many are said to be held in Godey. There have been allegations of torture and ill-treatment of detainees. A conflict between the ONLF and the central government has arisen since 1992 over ONLF demands on a referendum on independence for the region.

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