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Ethiopia: Further information on: fear of ill-treatment /legal concern / "disappearance": Five staff of the Oromo Relief Association

, Index number: AFR 25/013/1996

Martha Arero (f), store-keeper, Fraol Galata, project officer, Hailu Gamachu, accountant,Mussa Uto, store-keeper; Ahmed Mohammed, Field Coordination Officer: Ahmed Mohammed remains "disappeared" but the other staff members of the Oromo Relief Association were released without charges in June 1996. The government has closed down the ORA and seized its assets.

EXTERNAL AI Index: AFR 25/13/96
20 September 1996
Further information on UA 230/95 (AFR 25/12/95, 3 October 1995) and follow-ups
(AFR 25/13/95, 20 November; AFR 25/01/96, 16 February 1996; AFR 25/02/96, 23
February) - Fear of ill-treatment / Legal concern / "Disappearance"
ETHIOPIA Five staff of the Oromo Relief Association
Martha Arero (f), store-keeper
Fraol Galata, project officer
Hailu Gamachu, accountant
Mussa Uto, store-keeper
Ahmed Mohammed, Field Coordination Officer
Amnesty International has learned that Martha Arero, Fraol Galata, Hailu
Gamachu, arrested in September 1995, and Mussa Uto, arrested in December 1995,
were released in June 1996. They were not charged.
Ahmed Mohammed remains "disappeared", however, and Amnesty International
continues to press the authorities to establish his whereabouts.
The government has closed down the Oromo Relief Association and seized its
assets. The ORA is challenging this seizure in a court case.
No further action by the UA Network is requested. Many thanks to all who sent

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