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Further information on UA 35/94 (AFR 25/05/94, 2 February; and follow-ups AFR 25/09/94, 25 February and AFR 25/10/94, 14 April) - Ethiopia: legal concern: Released: Kefale Mammo, Kassa Keraga, Tenker Tereda, Belayneh Asegu, Feleke Alemu, Daniel Tadesse, G

, Index number: AFR 25/013/1994

Kefale Mammo was released on 26 April after 19 days in detention. It is believed he had been detained for campaigning for the release of imprisoned journalists and for contacting international media organizations. The Minister of Justice recently stated that 43 cases of journalists are pending for probable prosecution. Many more independent journalists have also been questioned and released without charge or on bail. Several others however remain detained and are considered prisoners of conscience. Another journalist has also "disappeared" - Nayk Kassakye, editor of Beza magazine, who had been released on bail, "disappeared" from his parents' home on 9 May 1994. There is also no further news of Mesfin Shifferaw.

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