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Further information on: Ethiopia: Fear of torture / Prisoners of conscience

, Index number: AFR 25/010/2005

All the people named in this action have been released, but some 190 Addis Ababa University students are still in custody at Sendafa police training college, and are at risk of torture. Those named are Andargachew Tsege (m), writer, former deputy Mayor of Addis Ababa; Gebrechristos Haileselassie (m); Azeb Amare (f); Endale Hailu (m); Haileyesus Ijiga (m); Bisrat Abbi (m); Getachew Mogesse (m); Kemirte Kamma (m); Gizaw Gebremedhin (m); Shemsu Sesekicho (m) (in Gurage zone) and scores of other opposition party officials and supporters.

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