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Further information on UA 35/94 (AFR 25/05/94, 2 February and follow-up AFR 25/09/94, 25 February) - Ethiopia: legal concern: journalists: Asrat Damtew, Antensay Tafesse, Nayk Kassaye, Tesfaye Berehanu, Yohannes Abebe, Iskinder Negga, Kinfe Assefa, Muluge

, Index number: AFR 25/010/1994

Twelve publishers and journalists from new independent magazines arrested in January/February 1994 have been provisionally released, some without charge while others were charged with offences against the press law. Six others remain in prison, including two provisionally released in early March and immediately rearrested. Six more journalists have been arrested and one, Mesfin Shifferaw, editor of Twaf magazine, has been missing since 11 February.

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