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UA 75/94 - Ethiopia: extrajudicial executions / fear for safety / torture and ill-treatment: Killed - Mohamed Omer Tubeh, Abdullahi Ganey, Deeg Mohamud Arab; detained - Hajio Dama, Korad Ahmed Salal, Goyare Aden Olhaye, Deeg Uraag, Sheikh Musse, Dulane Ha

, Index number: AFR 25/008/1994

There is concern for the safety of many people detained since late January 1994 following reports of the killing, wounding, torture and ill-treatment of some of those detained by government troops. The arrests occurred in different towns in south-eastern Ethiopia, an area inhabited mainly by ethnic Somalis. Reports indicate that Mohamed Omer Tuber, Abdullahi Ganey and Deeg Mohamud Arab were killed after being arrested by soldiers, that Hajio Dama and Dulane Hassan Nur were ill-treated in detention, and that Goyare Aden Olhaye was shot and wounded in custody. It seems that some were detained after demonstrations against the central government, and that all the detainees are members or supporters of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).

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