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UA 147/93 - Ethiopia: fear of ill-treatment / legal concern: Dr Alemayehu Teferra, Anteneh Aregaw, Anteneh Ownetu, Bahru Temesgen, Berhanu Mulunesh, Gite (second name unknown), Getaneh Aberra, Habtamu Alebachew, Haile Berke, Hizbadam Gela, Marye Aberra, T

, Index number: AFR 25/006/1993

Amnesty International is concerned about the treatment and legal status of Dr Alemayehu Teferra, former President of Addis Ababa University and a former professor and dean of civil engineering, who was arrested on about 9 April 1993. He is being held incommunicado and without charge in Maikelawi security prison, a notorious detention and torture centre under the previous government of President Mengistu Haile-Mariam. Conditions in the prison are allegedly harsh. He is reportedly accused of being involved in the "Red-Terror" campaign by the former government. The 18 students were arrested on 22 April 1993 for demonstrating against the dismissal of 41 university professors and lecturers and 11 other students.

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