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Further information on UA 01/93 (AFR 25/01/93, 5 January 1993) - Ethiopia: possible extrajudicial executions / legal concern: student demonstrators in Addis Ababa

, Index number: AFR 25/003/1993

The Ethiopian authorities have told AI that the initial police report that one student was killed and 16 others injured (including 3 policemen) during a banned demonstration at Addis Ababa University on 4 January 1993 was correct and that reports of at least 7 students being killed and over 100 others wounded are incorrect. The government announced the setting up of an independent inquiry on 18 January. The university was closed indefinitely and its president and vice-presidents dismissed. All those arrested during the demonstrations have been released, according to the government. AI is continuing its own inquiries into the incidents.

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