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Ethiopia: Further information on "disappearance" / fear of ill-treatment: Baricha Kumsa, Bekelle Wolde-Michael, Beressa Begna, Diyama Kefeni, Fufa Sori, Geremaw Gadifu, Lomi Daba, Napu Bekelle, Negussie Jiressa, Olli Atomsa and new name: Wolde-Yesus Menge

, Index number: AFR 25/001/1995

AI welcomes news of the relase of many of a large group of people arrested in September 1994. However, 13 of those arrested, including Fufa Sori, Napu Bekelle and Negussie Jiressa, are still detained. Bekelle Wolde-Michael was redetained in December 1994 after 15 days of freedom, during which he was treated for injuries resulting from torture. Wolde-Yesus Mengesha, a teacher and former prisoner of conscience, who had been detained and tortured in 1992, was arrested in early January 1995. None of these detainees has been brought to court or charged with any offence.

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